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Accessibility Considerations

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Deadline: September 23

The Annual Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Conference will have over 400 attendees viewing presentations on a wide range of topics related to technology and disability.  As part of our commitment to accessibility we are asking presenters to submit their handouts, materials, and/or slides prior to the conference for posting on the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities website.  Please submit all materials to Genevieve Berry by the deadline, September 23, 2016.


Session Types

The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Annual Conference brings together faculty and students, engineers, computer and social scientists, clinicians, policy leaders, administrators, service providers, community advocates and families to explore how technology can improve the quality of life for people with cognitive disabilities.  These conferences are an important opportunity to advance the understanding of new research, to engage colleagues, and to increase awareness of technology-related issues affecting people with cognitive disabilities and their families.Please read below to familiarize yourself with the presentation types before submitting a proposal. 


Breakout Sessions AM/PM: 35 minute individual presentation

An individual  will lead an interactive discussion or exercise for 35 minutes in either the AM breakout sessions or the PM breakout sessions.  Accepted presenters will be pre-assigned their time and location. Presenters are encouraged to build-in time for question and answers, as attendees to the Coleman conferences are noted for their enthusiasm to learn and engage.  Presenters should not "present" for more than 20% of the session.                                                                                                             



Breakout Sessions AM/PM: 35 minute panel presentation: 2-3 panelists identified            

A panel is a group of thematically linked presentations and a designated moderator. Each panelist will present for 5-7 minutes as a member of the panel.  Diversity among panelists is encouraged (i.e. a panel might include a researcher, a professional, and a self-advocate presenting various perspectives/elements of one project).  Please use this submission format only if you have a common theme, between two and three distinct presentations and presenters, and an identified moderator.


Poster Session                                                                                                                                                                                               

Poster submissions will be featured in the upstairs lobby at the Omni through out the day.  This is an opportunity for poster presenters to engage with a diverse audience.  


Poster Requirements

Physical Poster

  • Create it: Print on heavy duty paper or fabric, measuring 3' x 4' not larger than 36" tall by 48" wide.
  • Hang it: A fabric poster board is provided by the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities. Presenters will need to supply push pins and other equipment to hang their poster.


  • Create it: A single PPT slide or PDF of your poster.
  • Submit it: E-posters must be submitted approximately 3 weeks prior to the Conference; additional details will be sent to accepted poster presenters. 
  • Display it: E-posters will be posted on the Coleman for Cognitive Disabilities conference web page both before and after the conference.

Proposal Topics                                                            

Proposals to present at the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Conference are accepted in the following topic areas, though this is not an exclusive list.



Applied Cognitive Technologies

Community Living

Declaration Implementation



Ethics & Quality of Life

Health & Wellness


Public Policy

Public/Private Partnerships

Research to Practice

Supporting Families

Technology Standards

Other (Please specify)