DIGS Award Recipients 


Technology in the Heartland:  Ensuring Iowans experiencing disability are not left behind

To increase awareness of the Declaration across the state of Iowa in both the self-advocacy and provider communities.  It will also help to further address needs identified in our technology needs assessment and seed promising practices in service provider agencies.  These activities will set the base for a strong effort to ensure the infusion of technology in the everyday lives of Iowan's who experience cognitive disability.

Networking and Education for Declaration Adoption

In addition to the innovative technology initiatives we already have underway, we believe the widespread adoption of the Declaration will require an integrated education plan focused on several key groups - including people with I/DD and their caregivers, rehabilitation professionals, special educators, direct support professionals, government funders, and local legislators.  



You, Me, and Technology:  Spreading the Word 

A 12-month educational campaign whereby a team of self-advocates will be trained and supported to educate others including individuals with cognitive disabilities, their support networks, YAI staff, and the community at large.  Self-advocates will learn about the Declaration and develop both in-person and online training's on what the Declaration means to them as well as how its tenets can be actualized. 


Digital Media Arts Education Lab 

The Lab provides comprehensive technology training to enable people with I/DD to master digital and pre-employment skills.  The Arc of the Capital Area in Austin Texas will embed the Declaration and it's principles of access to technology and information into its curriculum, in order to raise awareness and promote adoption of the Declaration among self-advocates, family members, service providers, and the community at large.


 The Arc of Philadelphia Logo  

Advancing and Promoting the Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access in Philadelphia 

A multi-pronged outreach proposal designed to raise awareness and engagement of the Declaration through; disability training with the Philadelphia school system, mini-grants, and local and state legislative actions, the Arc of Philadelphia intends to produce measurable results in awareness and demonstrated implementation.




Employment Gateway - Resumes in Action  

A focused outreach proposal, that uses a customized job search program to reach, educate, and secure support from diverse audiences for the Declaration.  These audiences include; self-advocates, family members, support circles, community partners in government programs, local provider agencies, employers and business partners, as well as local Chambers of Commerce.