The Cognitive Technology Database is designed to provide a comprehensive, searchable bibliography of journal articles and recent conference proceedings summarizing research on cognitive technologies for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The database is structured to allow visitors to identify research articles relevant to their specific needs and is intended to help generate bibliographies for researchers and students, support providers and other professionals, families, and consumers with disabilities about existing and emerging technologies for persons with I/DD. Policymakers and I/DD agency officials may also find this bibliography a helpful resource in their efforts to provide and finance cognitive technology devices and services. Please note that this database does not provide the full content of the research article. It does, however, provide sufficient information for the user to find the full article online, from a library, or from another source.

How do I search the database?

Users can go directly to the Search page to search the database by keyword, author name, journal, title, or year of publication. The Search Help option on this page offers assistance with search criteria.

How did we find these articles?

To begin the project, a series of literature searches were conducted on numerous databases, including AARP Ageline, Wilson Applied Science and Technology, Wilson Business Abstracts, CINAHL, Current Contents/All Editions, ERIC, Health and Psychosocial Instruments, Journals@Ovid Full Text, Medline, PsycINFO and Wilson Social Science Abstracts. The following keywords were included in the search: developmental disability, developmental disabilities, mental retardation, intellectual disability, intellectual disabilities, cognitive disability, cognitive disabilities; and assistive technology, assistive technologies, universal design, emerging technology, emerging technologies, computer, computers, assistive devices. After relevant articles were identified, data from each article was entered into the web database. This database currently contains over 1000 citations from approximately 80 journals and recent conference proceedings and is updated periodically.

Can I recommend a citation to include in the database?

Yes. Please contact Laura Haffer to submit or recommend an article or reference that you think should be included in our cognitive technology database.